Legarda provides assistance to Antiqueños amid covid-19 crisis

March 22, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Antique Lone District Representative Loren Legarda provides various forms of assistance to the Antiqueños, most especially the frontliners and affected families of Persons under Monitoring (PUM) and Persons under Investigation (PUI), amid Covid-19 crisis.

Legarda provides daily distribution of food provisions to the frontline workers who work on duty 24/7 in the border checkpoints, hospitals, and municipal police stations in Antique as gratitude to their tireless work during these critical times due to Covid-19. Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gallons of alcohol pump bottles were also distributed to every Municipal Health Offices and Chiefs of Police in Antique.

“I recognize the efforts of doctors, nurses, PNP, BFP, AFP personnel, and our barangay workers in preventing the disease from getting into our province. All the needed help will be provided to our Kasimanwas especially during this covid-19 crisis,” Legarda stated.

Additionally, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), through Legarda’s initiative and efforts, will release Php10 million worth of TUPAD for the families of PUM and PUI of the covid-19 pandemic.

A 10-day work allocation will be provided for the households with PUI and PUM with tasks that include disinfect/sanitation of the houses and vegetable gardening. Each beneficiary will receive a salary for 10 days amounting to Php3,950.00 with Php395.00 per day.

On the other hand, Legarda assured that medical assistance for indigent patients or MAIP in all government hospitals is available for all who need it. Assistance to indigents or AICS is also available during the covid-19 crisis.

“We will continue to provide the needed assistance to our Antiqueños in times of crisis. We must help each other in order to fight this disease and flatten the curve,” Legarda concluded.