Legarda Pays Tribute to Former Senator Helena Benitez

July 15, 2016

Senator Loren Legarda expressed her condolences to the family of Former Senator Helena Z. Benitez who passed away on July 14.

“I extend my sympathies to the family of Dr. Helena Benitez. We mourn her passing, but at the same time, we express our utmost gratitude to her for the very meaningful life she had lived and her contribution to the nation,” said Legarda.

“Dr. Benitez lived for a century and it was a fruitful life that inspired a lot of people. She has established a place in our history with her vision, intelligence, resilience and innovative spirit. She was a catalyst for change who played many roles and conquered many frontiers—as educator, legislator, pioneer environmentalist, advocate of culture and civil society leader,” she added.

“Dr. Benitez is a woman leader I look up to especially because of her important role in environmental protection. She was known for initiating the first comprehensive report on the State of the Philippine Environment in 1971 and authored several pieces of legislation that allowed environmental issues to come to the forefront of national concern,” said Legarda.

In 2012, Legarda authored a Senate Resolution honoring Former Senator Benitez for her service to the Filipino people and acknowledging her contributions to the nation.