Legarda: Motherhood is an even greater challenge in the time of pandemic

May 7, 2021

Deputy Speaker and Representative of the Lone District of Antique, Loren Legarda, expressed her heartfelt greetings to all mothers, mothers at heart, and would-be mothers in celebration of this year’s Mothers’ Day on May 9, Sunday.

Legarda said that rearing a child is both a rewarding and a challenging experience for women, especially during the current health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that “the pandemic has affected our daily lives, disrupted people’s movements, and caused us to lose our sense of normalcy. Being a mother is already a challenging role but performing such role during this pandemic is an even more difficult given the new societal and family dynamics that mothers have to adjust to.”

“Many mothers have been struggling as they face this unprecedented disruption of routines, activities and life as we knew it. While caring for their children and the rest of the family, they also need to work from home, while others have difficulties helping their children attend online classes or cope with modular school work.  Others were unfortunately laid off.  There are also first-time mothers who have difficult pregnancies or are experiencing postpartum, without the full support from their own mothers or family members,” Legarda said.

The three-term Senator and author of various landmark laws that advocate for the rights of women and children said that even before the pandemic, there is already tremendous pressure on household work and childcare for women. Women do most of the unpaid work at home and tend to have less time for leisure or relaxation.

“More often than not, the society expects mothers to juggle everything, from work responsibilities to household chores and childcare. The multitude of changes that this pandemic has brought caused adverse effects on mothers and mothers-to-be such as the feeling of isolation and fatigue, anxiety, depression and may cause the development of postpartum symptoms in the case of new mothers,” Legarda said.

Legarda encouraged women, especially mothers, to be extra mindful of their maternal and mental health. She urged the government to strengthen health and livelihood support for mothers, especially those in the marginalized sector, single mothers and those who have lost their source of income due to the pandemic.

“It is only right to give yourself time to rest and recuperate because you have to be in good health and condition for you to be able to take care of your family. I encourage mothers to take care of yourselves, physically and mentally. I also urge the government to provide adequate support for our mothers’ health and well-being. We have various programs that our mothers may avail of, especially those who are suffering financially or those who would like to bring additional income to the family. We have DOLE Pangkabuhayan, DTI Shared Service Facilities (SSF) program, and DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP), among others, to assist your needs and your family’s needs,” Legarda said.

“You are the tie that binds your family together. Your love and care strengthen the home and give comfort to your children, your spouses and the rest of the family. Your resilience and dedication should be honored every single day. To all mothers, nanay, mama, mommy, nanay-nanayan and to those who never get tired of understanding, nurturing, and caring, Happy Mothers’ Day to all of us,” Legarda concluded.

Source: Inquirer.Net

Legarda: Motherhood is an even greater challenge in the time of pandemic