Legarda: Let Us Move Forward Amid Divisive Politics

May 10, 2016

A day after the 2016 Presidential Elections, Senator Loren Legarda said that the country must now “move forward amid divisive politics.”


“We have seen again democracy at work as more than 81% of Filipino voters upheld their right to choose the new leaders of the nation. But now that the election is over, and as we await the official results, we must move towards reconciliation and unity. Let us support the democratically elected President and other officials,” said Legarda.


The Senator, who chairs the Senate Committees on Climate Change, Finance, and Cultural Communities, said that she hopes the new President will prioritize helping the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sectors who have long been neglected, underserved and unserved.


“Many Filipinos, especially those affected by the drought caused by El Niño and our indigenous peoples, need immediate and continued support. Food aid, alternative livelihood, and subsidies must be provided by the government even as it goes through a transition period. This should be among the priorities of our new leaders. I hope that inclusive, resilient and sustainable growth will be the way forward,” she said, as she also stressed the need for Filipinos to do their share in nation building.


“Our duty does not stop with the casting of votes. We must turn our vote into action by working with our government leaders. We should not only be responsible voters, we should also be responsible citizens,” Legarda concluded.