Legarda Leads Senate Meet on Manila Bay Rehab

October 6, 2013

The Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, chaired by Senator Loren Legarda, has called for a briefing by the agencies involved in the rehabilitation of the Manila Bay as ordered by the Supreme Court.


The briefing will be held on Monday, 7 October, 10 am, at the Tañada Room in the Senate.


“The Committee will be briefed on the status of compliance to the Supreme Court’s Writ of Continuing Mandamus issued in 2008 ordering various government agencies to clean up Manila Bay,” said Legarda.


“We would also want to know the challenges faced by agencies involved in the clean up and see how the Senate can help fast track the much-needed rehabilitation of the bay,” she added.


Legarda noted that Manila Bay continues to be a source of food, livelihood and recreation to about 23 million Filipinos, and that an estimated P8.7 billion is earned every year from Manila Bay’s resources used in aquaculture, tourism, and in port, harbors and offshore fisheries.


“The Manila Bay is one of Metro Manila’s crowning glories, yet it continues to be neglected—the view of the otherwise beautiful sunset is marred by waste materials that have polluted its waters. We must do everything we can to reclaim its stunning beauty and proclaim its significance as one of the images of the State’s capital,” said Legarda.