Legarda Leads Project Launching of CEST Project in Antique

August 1, 2019

Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda today led the project launching of the Sibalom Technology and Livelihood Support Hub (TechnoHub) and Equipment Turnover in Sibalom, Antique.

The Sibalom TechnoHub is a program under the Department of Science and Technology’s Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (DOST-CEST) funded in 2017 through the former senator’s initiative. It specializes on the production of rice- and grains-based products, such as Rice Mongo Curls, Rice Mongo Crunchies, Rice Mongo Polvoron, and Rice Mongo Baby Food Blend.

Every day for 120 days, the TechnoHub produced DOST-FNRI complementary food used to feed malnourished children in the towns of Tibiao, Culasi, Hamtic, Valderrama, and Patnongon, where the highest rates of malnutrition have been recorded.

“Two years ago, as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, I allocated a total budget of Php 30 million for the DOST-CEST in Antique. Even then, I already had plans for our province. Because I am a great believer of science, technology, and innovation, I wanted to build a laboratory [here] that will serve as an example of a province that could unleash its potential,” said Legarda.

“Science, technology, and innovation – these are the words that propel economic and sustainable development for the country and for our province. Soon, you will see us providing more budget and projects in the field of science and technology, because we hope that the CEST Program here in Antique will set as an example not only in Panay, but also in the whole country,” she added.

The Deputy Speaker also facilitated the turning over of equipment to beneficiaries of Barangay Alangan, Sibalom, Alangan Bongsod Cubay Elementary School, and Sibalom TechnoHub. The equipment included 30 units of ceramic water filters; units of desktop computers, printers, and projectors; and units of electric proofer, gas deck oven, and kneader/mixer.

“By providing them with product development and marketing support, we hope to enable our farmers to compete in the market and support our communities in their livelihoods. These programs are designed to enable our kasimanwa to exhibit their knowledge and expertise in various fields, provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and increase the productivity level of our province,” Legarda concluded.***