Legarda lauds opening of 9th Likhang Habi Market Fair

October 12, 2019

Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda congratulates Habi, The Philippine Textile Council for, another successful opening of the 9th Likhang Habi Market Fair that showcases the overwhelming creativity and talent of the Filipino in weaving textiles, mats, baskets, and artisanal crafts.

The Likhang Habi Market Fair, organized by Habi, The Philippine Textile Council, is being held from ‪October 11-13, 2019‬ at the Glorietta 2, Activity Center, Makati City.

“I congratulate and express my full support to Habi for its promotion, preservation and enhancement of the indigenous textile industry through this market fair. I saw the birth of Habi before it was called such and I would like to commend them for organizing the Likhang Habi Market Fair every year that gives tribute to our weavers, artisans and culture bearers,” said Legarda, a staunch advocate of arts and culture.

Legarda further expressed her elation that organizations like Habi share her passion for culture and heritage. In coordination with PhilFIDA, Habi will also soon partner with the Multipurpose Cooperative of Patnongon, Antique on the ongoing Cotton Facility Development in the said municipality, which is a project of Deputy Speaker Legarda.

“The task before us is to help our people value and continue our heritage. We must open doors of opportunities for our weaving communities for this. We must promote greater support for cultural enterprises and creative industries of our indigenous communities,” Legarda added.

The three-day Likhang Habi Market Fair will feature more or less 50 MSME merchants, weaving communities, crafters, and artisans showcasing handwoven traditional textiles, sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products. It will also showcase various weaves and textiles from different provinces such as Inabel from Ilocos, Tepiña from Palawan, Ramit made by the Mangyans, and Hablon from the Visayas.

“I invite everyone to visit the 9th Likhang Habi Market Fair. Through this event, we empower Filipinos with great skills and talent behind these products, and at the same time, signify our support for the development of more Filipino enterprises. Let us continue to initiate and support efforts that put premium on Filipino artisanship, uphold the traditions that give meaning to our history and identity, and ensure that our future generations would still be able to witness these cultural treasures unfold before their very eyes,” Legarda concluded.***