Legarda Lauds 3rd Reading Approval of Joint Resolution Extending the Availability of the 2019 GAA

November 4, 2019

Deputy Speaker Loren hailed the House of Representatives’ approval on third reading of the Joint Resolution Extending the Availability of the 2019 Appropriations for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Capital Outlay (CO) until December 31, 2020, which took place in today’s resumption of session.

Legarda, principal author of House Joint Resolution No. 19, expressed optimism that the approval of the Joint Resolution extending the availability of the 2019 national budget will help respond to the needs of the people, especially those affected by calamities and recent outbreaks of diseases.

“This measure allows for the continued use of the 2019 budget until end of 2020 to service more people and communities in need instead of just allowing the funds to be reverted to the general fund. We respectfully urge the Senate to also pass their version of the joint resolution to allow the agencies to fully utilize the 2019 budget to continue providing aid and relief as well as to fund priority projects such as the construction/repair and rehabilitation of schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and other essential facilities of the national government,” said Legarda.

“With the onslaught of several devastating calamities and disease outbreaks, such as the series of earthquakes in different parts of the country, the dengue outbreak affecting several provinces, the African swine flu that is now plaguing the market, and the effects of the southwest monsoons, it is even more important for us to approve this measure to immediately respond to the needs of our people and the affected communities,” Legarda added.

In previous years, Congress also passed joint resolutions of the same nature. In 2002, Congress approved the extension of availability of 2002 appropriations for MOOE. In 2013, availability of 2013 appropriations for MOOE, CO, Calamity Fund and Quick Response Fund were extended as well, and in 2018 appropriations for MOOE and CO were extended until December of the current year.***