Legarda Joins Malabon’s Cityhood and Founding Anniversary, Reflects on Heritage and Commitment to Progress

May 4, 2024

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda today lauded the City of Malabon, which celebrates its 423rd founding anniversary this year, for properly combining its rich past with forward-thinking policies.

“Malabon boasts a rich cultural heritage, renowned not only for its famous Pancit Malabon but also for its historical treasures,” said Legarda in a speech during the Araw ng Pasasalamat on Saturday.

“Our city has changed from the green, open areas of my childhood to the bustling and vibrant community we see now,” she added.

“But the core of Malabon, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that defines us, remains unchanged.”

The longtime public servant lived her formative years in Malabon, which was still a municipality of Rizal Province.

She lived in an ancestral house built in the 1930s by Otto Scheerer, former governor of Batanes and the first Professor Emeritus of the Department of Linguistics at the University of the Philippines.

The senator was born and grew up in Barangay Potrero, which turned into a model community courtesy of zero-waste initiatives, recognized by the Metro Manila Development Authority with the Best Solid Waste Management Program Award in 2015 because of its successful implementation of our Ecological Solid Waste Management Law, legislation that Legarda herself championed.

As a persistent student of history, Legarda also praised the city’s rich historical treasures, including the centuries-old San Bartolome Church, which Legarda supported in turning as an Important Cultural Property in 2022.

“Aside from our beloved church, several ancestral homes contribute to the city’s historic charm, including the Dionisio family home, the Rivera house, the Villongco house, the Luna house, the Martinez house, the Chikiamco house, the Rojas-Borja house, the (Teodoro) Luna house, the Santos-Lapus house, the Pantaleon Bautista house, the Syjuco (formerly Gaza) house, and the oldest Raymundo house on C. Arellano Street,” enumerated Legarda.

“Other old but well-preserved heritage houses in Malabon include the Asilo de Huerfanos, the Paez House, and the Nepomuceno House. These architectural pieces tell the stories of our forefathers and serve as an important link between our community’s past and future,” she continued.

Since her political career started in 1998, Legarda strived to give back to the Malabon community and uplifted every resident through initiatives such as DOLE Kabuhayan, DOLE TUPAD, and DSWD AICS. The Senator also donated to the Child Protection Network Foundation, aimed at establishing Women and Children Protection Units across the Philippines and among the beneficiaries is the Ospital ng Malabon.

“These are my commitments to providing immediate relief and empowering our people to build a sustainable and resilient future,” she concluded. (30)