Legarda Joins Filipino-Chinese Community in Celebrating Chinese New Year

February 19, 2015

As the country welcomes Chinese New Year, Senator Loren Legarda expressed optimism towards better relations and enhanced cooperation between Filipinos and Chinese.

“I wish to extend my greetings of prosperity and good fortune to our Filipino-Chinese friends as we join them in celebrating this year’s Chinese New Year. The Filipino-Chinese community has made an immense contribution to the economic and cultural development of our nation and continues to do so. We recognize their acumen in entrepreneurship and value their deep sense of volunteerism.”

“There’s a lot to celebrate in terms of our relationship with the Chinese people which stretches centuries back. Our relationship then was primarily built on trade and commerce, but it has gradually evolved so as to encompass the economic and socio-cultural history of the Philippines. We must, therefore, cultivate the good relationship that our two cultures have forged. I am confident that our shared traditions will live on and the various aspects of our bilateral relations will improve further,” said Legarda.