Legarda Joins Celebration of World Humanitarian Day

August 19, 2015

On World Humanitarian Day (August 19), Senator Loren Legarda highlighted the invaluable contribution of humanitarian workers all over the world.


“Our world today is faced with many challenges—terrorism, insurgency, disasters, among others. Humanitarian workers are at the forefront in addressing the effects of these challenges to help improve the welfare of individuals and communities affected. We must recognize the herculean tasks that all humanitarian workers face and the inspired ways through which they address these challenges,” said Legarda.


Noting the high number of natural hazards that occur in the Philippines, the Senator underscored the significance of humanitarian workers’ contributions to the Filipino people.


“We are a nation greatly vulnerable to natural hazards and climate change. The contributions of humanitarian workers in the lives of the millions affected by disasters cannot be understated. They often risk their own well-being as they save and help the vulnerable from the dangers that natural hazards bring and support authorities in delivering assistance,” she stressed.


“On World Humanitarian Day, beyond lauding their achievements, I also hope we can take the time to honor those who have lost their lives as they were saving others, and reflect on how we can contribute to the work that they do. Ultimately, humanitarian workers all over the world remind us that no task is too difficult when done in the service of others,” Legarda concluded.