Legarda: Implement Cultural Heritage Law, Preserve Historical Sites

March 5, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Antique Representative Loren Legarda today urged for the strict implementation of the National Cultural Heritage Act, which calls for the preservation of historical and heritage sites. She made this call during the recent turnover of the newly-restored Bahay Prudencia Fule in San Pablo City, Laguna.

“We are all responsible for the preservation of our heritage, tangible or intangible. As heritage guardians, we have the inherent responsibility to conserve and preserve these structures for the benefit of our present and future generations,” Legarda said.

The Prudencia Fule Ancestral House was used as a hideout of General Miguel Malvar to confer with the Katipuneros during the Philippine Revolution. It was later transformed into a building for didactic purposes. As a newly restored building, the said ancestral house will be used as a museum that will showcase the furniture of San Pablo City and also serve as a venue for conferences and trainings.

“The restoration of the Prudencia Fule ancestral house is proof of what we can do collaboratively. We passed the law, the National Cultural Heritage Act, and all we have to do is implement the law. We should not demolish these structures because these structures have their story and their purpose, stories from our ancestors that should be made known to our children and grandchildren. History empowers us and defines who we are,” Legarda concluded.

Joining Legarda during the turnover were Dr. Rene Escalante, Chairman of NHCP; Rep. Sol Aragones of the 3rd District of Laguna; San Pablo City Mayor Loreto Amante; Ms. Carmina Arevalo, Deputy Executive Director for Administration of NHCP; Ar. Benjamin Empleo, Architect-in-Charge for NHCP San Pablo Projects; Dr. Neil Angeles, OIC Schools Division Superintendent of San Pablo City, Laguna; and Mr. Joel Meer, Principal of Prudencia Fule Memorial National High School.***