Legarda honors nurses on International Nurses Day

May 12, 2021

Three-term Senator, now Deputy Speaker, Loren Legarda today paid tribute to the unwavering dedication for service of nurses in commemoration of the International Nurses Day.

“Today, we join the international community in celebrating the International Nurses Day by giving honor and expressing our deep gratitude to our dedicated and hardworking nurses. Our nurses have been battling this unseen enemy that has claimed and vastly affected the lives of millions of people worldwide for more than a year. They have been suffering not only from physical fatigue from their seemingly unending shifts but also from tremendous emotional and psychological stress just to fulfill the solemn oath they took despite knowing that they are exposing themselves to the threat of the virus,” Legarda said.

The three-term Senator also stressed the significant role played by nurses in performing their duties to provide the essential healthcare services, devoting their time, energy, and safety to help the general public survive and communities to thrive amid the pandemic. She is also batting for improved benefits and compensation for nurses worthy for all their service, hardships and sacrifices for the Filipino people and to entice them not to leave the country and find work abroad.

“Despite the enormity and danger of their tasks, the harsh reality is that our nurses are heavily underpaid, and their clamor for just compensation, non-wage benefits, training and re-training opportunities, support in terms of better work schedule, provision of dormitories, shuttle services, among others, continue to be unheard. That is why most decide to leave the country searching for greener pasture,” Legarda said

“This is a concern that must be addressed by the government immediately. That is why we passed the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act and the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act, which I co-authored, to ensure that our nurses receive adequate assistance during the pandemic and also to give assurance that their rights and safety are being prioritized most especially in these trying times,” Legarda added.

Under these Bayanihan laws, nurses are entitled to: COVID-19 special risk allowance, additional compensation for those who contracted the infection or for those who unfortunately died while performing their duty, and provision of life insurance, accommodation, transportation, and meals to all public and private health workers, among others, in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

“We have the laws and we have to ensure that these laws are implemented. I salute our country’s nurses for their sacrifices and unparalleled contribution in our fight against COVID-19. Let us reaffirm our support for our nurses and to all our frontliners as our modern-day heroes,” Legarda concluded.***