Legarda Honors Frontliners on National Heroes’ Day

August 31, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Antique Lone District Representative Loren Legarda today paid tribute to the country’s modern-day heroes in commemoration of the National Heroes’ Day.


“I salute our country’s frontliners for their sacrifices and unparalleled contribution in our fight against COVID-19. They are our health workers, policemen and members of the armed forces, the utility staff, supermarket staff, food and cargo delivery drivers, fisherfolk and farmers, market vendors, journalists, and government employees who are courageously performing their duties to provide the essential services that we need in these trying times,” Legarda said.


“I know that their work had been physically exhausting, emotionally and psychologically draining. They too long to be with their families, but they chose to sacrifice their safety, their lives and their time with their families all for the call of duty. They have helped the public survive and our communities thrive amidst this pandemic and the different sectors and industries would not function properly without them,” Legarda added.


“As we commemorate today the bravery of our Filipino heroes who sacrificed their lives to help us achieve peace, justice, and independence, let us not forget to honor our frontliners, our modern-day heroes for their dedication to serve the country and our people, sacrificing their lives to save ours,” Legarda concluded.#