Legarda hails signing into Law of Amended PTV Charter

March 20, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda today hailed the enactment of Republic Act 10390, An Act Revitalizing the People’s Television Network, Incorporated, stressing that it is about time to resuscitate the national television network.

“I am glad that the amended charter of PTV has been signed into law. This measure is very important as it addresses the urgent need to regenerate and improve the information mechanisms of government,” said Legarda, principal author of the law.

Legarda, a former broadcast journalist, explained that the law amends the PTV Charter to allow the network to generate funds from advertising and airtime sales, which shall be utilized solely for the network’s operations and capital expenditure.

PTV shall also be allowed to adopt other measures that will help restore the viability of the network operations.

“We need to resuscitate our national television and use it for massive education and information dissemination of the programs and advocacies of the various departments of government.