Legarda gives full support to Kinaray-a Madjaas Mountain Marathon contenders

March 27, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda conveyed her warmest greetings and support to the participants of this year’s Kinaray-a Madjaas Mountain Marathon, which will take place in one of Antique’s most beautiful natural heritage – Mt. Madjaas.

In her message, Legarda emphasized the marathon as an avenue not only for a sporting event, but a chance for Antiqueños to strengthen their unity and camaraderie through a sense of community.

She added that mountain marathons are a unique opportunity to celebrate
human resilience and determination, noting that whatever the difficulties it presents, such an event can also provide valuable opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

“As you begin the race, remember the journey and the hard work that led to where you are right now, and push yourself beyond your limits to experience the thrill of accomplishment. The agility and endurance required to complete a race are qualities that we all seek to cultivate in the marathon of our own lives,” she said.

Legarda also extended her sincerest congratulations to Larry Apolinario who
won the first Philippine Trail Running Association (PHILTRA) National Championships last February 26 in Bontoc, Mountain Province.

Hailing from the Iraynon-Bukdinon community in Antique, Apolinario’s achievement, according to her, is a testament of perseverance and an inspiration not only to aspiring marathoners, but brings pride to the whole Province as well.

On March 14, Legarda filed Senate Resolution No. 547 to recognize Apolinario’s exemplary performance The Resolution stated that the “recent accomplishment by Apolinario is an inspiration to all aspiring marathoners in the country especially those of the Province of Antique and the country’s indigenous peoples’ communities as it demonstrates that with passion, hard work, determination, and perseverance, one can excel in their chosen sport.”

It furthered that it showcases the growing talent of Filipino athletes who have demonstrated their skill and excellence in various sports on local and international stage.

“May you always be inspired to strive for greatness and have the grit to overcome even the most challenging task. I hope this event serves as an inspiration to
all to remain focused and be faithful to their dreams,” the four-term senator remarked.

Legarda expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the marathon, especially to Antique Representative AA Legarda, for initiating the event that “is not only a challenging physical feat but also a representation of the effort and determination that are required to reach a certain goal.” (END)