Legarda files House Bill to Promote Sustainable Mobility

February 16, 2021

Former Senator, now Deputy Speaker, Loren Legarda has filed a bill seeking to promote sustainable mobility through the establishment of a network of bicycle lanes and emergency pathways which shall connect cyclists and pedestrians to essential destinations such as work, school, medical facilities, and market.

“Cycling and walking are essential modes of transportation as we transition to the better normal. The need to observe social distancing as part of our health and safety protocols is reshaping the transportation landscape and many have resorted to alternative modes of transportation to adjust to the current situation, such as cycling, walking and the use of micromobility devices, “ the three-term Senator, now Representative of Antique Lone District, said.

“We already have existing bike lanes and pathways, but these are not enough and not properly utilized. There have been numerous cases of bicycle deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents. Thus, House Bill 8688, or the Safe Pathways Network Act, aims to create dedicated, protected, and connected bicycle lanes and emergency pathways especially for our frontliners and essential workers who have been greatly affected by the transportation and mobility restrictions due to the pandemic,” Legarda added.

Legarda explained that House Bill 8688 serves as counterpart measure of Senate Bill 1582, authored and sponsored by Senator Pia Cayetano, which was already approved on third reading. The bill, when passed into law, will also require local government units to designate slow streets, an initiative that will impose speed limits and access to motorized vehicles on certain days or hours in order to alleviate overcrowding and provide cyclists and pedestrians safer access to essential services.

“Sustainable mobility has both economic and environmental benefits that we have to recognize. While it gives our workers access to convenient transportation without impeding their workflow and schedule, it also gives environmental and health benefits by promoting health consciousness through a culture of walking and cycling and protecting the environment by subscribing to low-emission modes of transport,” Legarda said.

The former Senator also previously filed House Bill 6890, or the Sustainable Transportation Act, a measure that promotes sustainable and alternative modes of transportation and other mobility options. The bill seeks to promote an integrated and efficient transport system through the establishment of designated bike lanes, provision of bicycle parking spaces and racks, travel demand management programs to reduce volume of motorized transports, the use of water ferry system, and the commissioning of a Bus Rapid Transit System.***