Legarda expands Starlink Internet initiative in Antique

June 9, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda continues to champion the installation of Starlink Internet in her home province of Antique in her relentless pursuit of bridging the digital divide in the Philippines.

Following the successful implementation of the technology at Lacaron Integrated School in Sibalom, the project has reached Sta. Ana National High School in the Municipality of Pandan, where Legarda donated the Starlink Internet unit installed at the school.

“By installing Starlink Internet at Sta. Ana National High School we are taking another step towards a more connected and empowered future for the youth of Antique. I believe in bridging the digital divide and providing equal opportunities for all learners. Together, we can create a society where every student has access to quality education and the tools they need to succeed,” she added.

The main router, exclusive to the school’s faculty and staff, can accommodate up to 150 users simultaneously. With an average download speed of 150 to 350mbps, it can reach impressive speeds of 650 to 900mbps while boasting an upload speed of 20 to 60mbps.

To ensure a conducive learning environment, unnecessary sites will be blocked, prioritizing download, upload, and research activities for the students.

The provision of Starlink Internet connectivity at Sta. Ana National High School marks a significant milestone in bringing accessible and high-speed internet to students, particularly those residing in hinterland areas where mobile internet connection is often unreliable or unavailable.

Legarda, together with Congressman AA Legarda, has made Antique a priority in establishing free WiFi sites, with the aspiration to cover the entire province eventually. The initiative aims to empower students and educators by bridging the digital divide and ensuring that every learner has equal access to quality education.

Sta. Ana National High School is the sole secondary school among the seven hinterland barangays in the Municipality of Pandan.

Before the installation, the school relied on a 20mbps WiFi connection for online transactions, reports, and webinars. Initial internet speed tests have shown remarkable improvement, with download speeds ranging from 217.3mbps to 324.97mbps, compared to the previous 6.93mbps. The upload speed has also significantly increased, from 6.49mbps to 28.7mbps.

This successful implementation will be a game-changer for teachers and students of Sta. Ana National High School, despite being situated in one of the upland barangays of Pandan. The enhanced internet connectivity will facilitate easy access to learning materials, virtual learning options, improved communication, and collaboration, and create opportunities for professional development.

“I am fully committed to promoting digital inclusivity and ensuring that no student is left behind in this digital transformation era,” Legarda stated. (end)