Legarda Encourages Environment-Friendly Fasting

March 28, 2018

In observance of the Holy Week, Senator Loren Legarda encouraged Catholics to consider fasting that is environment-friendly.

“Aside from fasting and abstinence from meat, Catholics are encouraged to abstain from vices and activities that we can do without during this period of reflection and spiritual growth. One best way is to carbon fast,” said Legarda.

“Carbon fasting is reducing one’s carbon footprint through activities and lifestyle choices. These actions can be as simple as going meatless, using reusable water bottles instead of buying disposable water bottles, avoiding the use of straw and plastic bags, and saving on electricity, among others. It would be best if we adopt a low-carbon lifestyle even beyond the Lenten season,” she said.

The following are ways to carbon fast:

  • Opt for food that is local, plant-based, and in-season because food from distant places utilizes more energy for transportation and preservation, resulting in greater carbon emission;

  • Venture into modes of transportation that are energy-efficient, such as walking, biking, taking public transport, and carpooling whenever possible;

  • Economize on energy consumption and shift to indigenous and renewable energy sources, use low-wattage appliances, unplug electronics when not in use, and other similar practices;

  • Practice solid waste management by segregating at source, composting biodegradable waste and recycling;

  • Consume water wisely like gathering and storing rainwater for daily chores; and,

  • Plant trees, protect our natural forests and conserve our protected areas.

“As stewards of God’s creation, we have a moral and spiritual obligation to keep our personal lifestyles in check as human-induced actions have led to the deplorable state of our environment. This Holy Week, let us engage in a personal renewal and contemplate on what we can do to protect and save our environment,” Legarda concluded.