Legarda emphasizes role of legislators in accomplishing climate prosperity

November 10, 2022

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda, a Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Ambassador for Parliaments, shared her insights via a video message on climate prosperity plans and the role of legislators in realizing development goals during the Climate Prosperity Plans Flagship Event held on Tuesday, November 8, at the CVF Pavilion, International Convention Center in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh.

According to Legarda, the Climate Prosperity Plans (CPPs) “have the opportunity to diffuse climate threats on economic progress and seize transition opportunities while maximizing socio-economic benefits”.

She stressed that legislators have an important role in carrying out these investment strategies. As such, CPPs should permeate core legislative functions of oversight, policymaking, and budget allocation as they will ensure that national plans fully support global climate objectives.

“These plans must be leveraged to step up adaptation and resilience resourcing, which have been treated as second-tier issues for far too long,” Legarda said.

She commended Bangladesh’s Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan (MCPP) for serving as a blueprint for future CPPs. Under MCPP, the country will enhance resilience, grow the economy, create jobs, and expand opportunities, using climate action as the catalyst.

The Climate Prosperity Plans Flagship Event was organized by the CVF and V20 Support Global Center on Adaptation as part of the COP 27 Climate Change Conference.

Participants of the event included delegates from CVF/V20 member countries, delegates from donor governments, CPP partner institutions, representatives from philanthropies, and representatives from the private sector. (end)