Legarda: Easter, A Chance to ‘Resurrect Mother Earth’

March 30, 2013

In celebrating Easter, Senator Legarda encouraged Filipinos to reflect and engage in a personal renewal and contemplate on what can be done to protect and “resurrect Mother Earth.“

“The Lenten season reminded us of the importance of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. It was the time when we gave up on small indulgences, as we strived for spiritual renewal. Let us find the time to reflect and let us show our love for God and for His creation: the environment,” Legarda said.

The Senator said that Filipinos should reflect on their moral and spiritual obligations to keep their personal lifestyles in check as human-induced actions have led to the deplorable state of the environment.

“Easter is a reminder of the great compassion of our God and Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. In return, we should respect the gift of God, protect and conserve what has been given to us. No matter how small, slight adjustments in our lifestyle will contribute to a greener and healthier environment for this and the next generation,” Legarda concluded.