Legarda Continues to Upgrade Education for Antiqueños, Builds 82 New Classrooms in 12 Antique Schools

June 30, 2020

Recognizing the significance of quality education as one of the best investments of the government, Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda announced today that 82 new classrooms are set be constructed in 12 elementary schools and high schools in the province of Antique.

“Education plays a vital role in nation building and economic development. Thus, it is necessary for us to prioritize the construction of classrooms to provide our students better facilities and a more conducive learning environment,” Legarda said.

“I will continue to strive to fulfill my commitment to improve the lives of Antiqueños and give priority to addressing the long-standing problem of classroom backlog in my province,” Legarda added.

For fiscal year 2020, P205.6 million was allocated under the Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF) for the construction of 82 new classrooms in 12 elementary schools and high schools in the municipalities of Laua-an, Culasi, Hamtic, San Remigio, Sibalom, Tibiao, Tobias Fornier, Belison, and Patnongon.

Three (3) classrooms will be constructed in Capnayan Primary School and two (2) in Maybunga Primary School in the municipality of Laua-an; 12 classrooms in Kawit Integrated School in the municipality of Culasi; two (2) classrooms in Alberto Siasat Elementary School and two (2) classrooms in Gen. Leandro Fullon National School in the municipality of Hamtic; two (2) classrooms in Cabunga-an Elementary School in the municipality of San Remigio; four (4) classrooms in Apong Elementary School in the municipality of Sibalom; two (2) classrooms in Tigbaboy Primary School in the municipality of Tibiao; four (4) classrooms in Lawigan Elementary School and 20 classrooms in Baranasan National High School in the municipality of Tobias Fornier; 20 classrooms in Belison National School in the municipality of Belison; and nine (9) classrooms in Igburi National High School in the municipality of Patnongon.

Meanwhile, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent OIC Felisa Beriong acknowledged all the help and assistance given by Deputy Speaker Legarda to help upgrade the educational system of Antique by providing adequate funds to build classrooms and schools.

“The DepEd Schools Division of Antique expresses its deep gratitude for the untiring work of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda for the children of Antique. From building and repairing classrooms, to the computerization program, to culture mapping, to the Festival of Talents, all her educational investments now will be a legacy that Antiqueños will long remember and cherish. After all, our children deserve no less,” Beriong said.

Legarda also reminded the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Education (DepEd) to jointly require the integration of a green environment in the school community including the installation of materials recovery facility and appropriate trash bins to help in the proper implementation of ecological solid waste management; construction of rainwater catchment to harvest water for future use; and planting of vegetable gardens and trees in available spaces around. Schools are also urged to maximize natural sunlight and ventilation indoors for efficient use of energy as all these will contribute in making the school community resilient as it adopts a sustainable way of living.

“As we continue to embrace needed reforms to upgrade our country’s education system, let us be reminded that adaptation, resilience and sustainability must now be basic considerations in the implementation of public infrastructure projects. Schools are our children’s second home. It is therefore important to ensure that school classrooms and buildings are environment-friendly, structurally sound and disaster resilient to place our children out of harm’s way and keep their development and learning unhampered,” Legarda concluded.

Aside from the new classrooms to be constructed this year, the construction of 16 new classrooms in the municipalities of San Remigio, Anini-y and Bugasong has been ongoing and nearing its completion with an allocated budget of P29.54 million under the 2019 BEFF.***