Legarda Continues to Express Gratefulness to UNA, Says She Remains Focused on Serving the Filipinos

February 21, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda, senatorial candidate of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), today said that she will continue to be grateful to the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) for the support it has given to her and stressed that she will remain focused on serving the Filipino people.

“I am grateful for the opportunity extended by UNA to me. I regret their decision to drop the common candidates from the slate, but I respect it and maintain my high regard for the leadership of UNA,” Legarda said.

“More than us politicians, this campaign is about the Filipino people and their needs. I will continue to respect President Estrada, Vice President Binay, and Senate President Enrile,” she added.

Legarda explained that her political party, the NPC, has coalesced with the Liberal Party and that makes her an official candidate of the LP-NPC coalition.

“I was invited by the UNA to be a guest candidate and I am thankful. Whatever the decision is, I will respect it, and I will continue to be grateful to them,” she said.

“I remain committed to my goal of continuing to serve the Filipino people. I shall remain focused on that,” Legarda stressed.