Legarda: Contemporary Art, Compass to Nation Building

August 26, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda urged Filipinos to visit the exhibit titled The Vexed Contemporary, which was officially opened today at the Museum of Contemporary Art Design (MCAD) at De la Salle – College of Saint Benilde.


“I encourage everyone to visit the MCAD. Our bustling contemporary art scene, including the groundbreaking shows MCAD has done, benefits the nation with thought-provoking exhibits and concepts that open discussions on our national identity in the face of a dynamic global cultural landscape,” Legarda said.


The Vexed Contemporary features 16 Filipino artists with an arching theme that aims to “challenge a perennial characterization when represented on local and global platforms.”


“It is invigorating that there is much activity in the local contemporary art scene with museums and galleries having openings, workshops and talks on a weekly basis,” Legarda noted.


“Not only are we thriving locally but our voices are also resonating in the international scene. We are back in the Venice Art Biennale after a 51-year hiatus and the Philippine Pavilion has caught the attention of several international publications, naming it as one of the top ten must-see Pavilions in Venice,” said Legarda, who spearheaded the country’s return to the Venice Biennale.


“MCAD has established an impressive history of curation and has been consistent in promoting contemporary art in the Philippines. I laud the College of Saint Benilde, under Chancellor Brother Dennis Magbanua, and Joselina ‘Yeyey’ Cruz, director and curator of the MCAD, for this initiative. To the 16 artists, congratulations too, for your contribution to the discourse of essence; portrayal and identity are but integral to the ongoing conversation of how Filipino contemporary art is,” she stressed.


The Vexed Contemporary gathers Pio Abad, Poklong Anading, Victor Balanon, Yason Banal, Lena Cobangbang, Louie Cordero, Kiri Dalena, Leslie De Chavez, Kawayan De Guia, Patricia Perez Eustaquio, Cocoy Lumbao, Gina Osterloh, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Ikoy Ricio, Maria Taniguchi and The Weather Bureau.


Said exhibit will run from August 26 to November 21, 2015.