Legarda Congratulates German Chancellor Merkel for Successful Re-election

September 25, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda today congratulated Chancellor Angela Merkel on her successful bid for a third term as head of government of the Federal Republic of Germany.


“I warmly congratulate Chancellor Angela Merkel for her re-election. This historic victory shows the Germans’ trust in their incumbent leader to advance the causes and address the concerns of the nation and its people. As a leader of a powerful nation, other countries, including the Philippines, also hope that she will continue to champion vital global issues,” said Legarda.


The Senator also expressed optimism that Merkel’s third term will be even more productive and beneficial not only for Germans but also for the whole world.


“We all should take inspiration from the efforts of Chancellor Merkel in pushing Germany toward a post-carbon future. Her leadership has steered Germany toward a cleaner energy pathway and countries should learn from its wide range of experiences in clean energy development and use,” the Senator said. She expressed concern that while the Philippines has passed a renewable energy law in 2008, there remains numerous stumbling blocks that prevent the country from realizing the benefits from its renewable energy potential of as much as 176,000MW.


She noted Germany’s vital role, under the leadership of Merkel, in addressing various issues confronting Europe today.  These issues include rebuilding the foundations of the euro, bailouts for failing economies, or debt write-downs for struggling euro area members, the creation of a banking union, among others.


“I trust that in the next four years, Chancellor Merkel will strengthen auspicious efforts to manage the eurozone crisis while championing sustainable development,” the Senator stressed. “As the head of the most powerful economy in Europe, she has an important role in shepherding the revival of Europe,” the Senator added.


The Senator expressed hope that development cooperation between Germany and the Philippines will be further expanded to support the country’s peace development, conflict prevention, environmental initiatives, as well as cultural diplomacy.  “Continued cooperation in renewable energy development in our country will hopefully continue as there is much to learn from Germany’s experiences. With 60 years of bilateral ties, we hope to strengthen this relationship not only in economic terms but also in deepening our cultural bond,” said Legarda.