Legarda Condemns Reported Sex-for-Fly Ops by 3 Embassy Officials

June 19, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda today condemned the reported forced prostitution of distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) allegedly involving three Philippine embassy officials in the Middle East.

The Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations noted news reports which revealed that three Philippine embassy officials are allegedly involved in “sex-for-fly” operations, engaging in acts with fellow Filipinos staying in OFW shelters in Amman, Jordan, Kuwait, and Damascus, Syria in exchange for the Filipino workers’ repatriation.

“This should not be tolerated, should be investigated, should be meted the full force of the law, if true,” said Legarda.

“But we should be careful in generalizing statements because most of our Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) officials here and abroad are competent and should not be tainted by a few bad eggs,” she added.

“It’s already hard for Filipinos working abroad to be apart from their families. It is harder when they get abused or duped by their agencies or employers. It is unforgivable when the people, their fellow countrymen at that, who they expect to help them and provide them protection, are the ones who would subject them to further abuse and suffering,” Legarda said.