Legarda: Collaboration is vital in achieving excellence, creating a more equitable and sustainable world

May 16, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in constantly achieving excellence among the Filipino people amidst the rising challenges in the Philippines as she keynoted the 1st The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Impact Summit on Saturday.

As a recipient of the prestigious TOYM award for her works in journalism in 1992, Legarda recognized the vital role of Filipinos, especially the youth, in nation-building through proactive responses and involvement in addressing various complexities facing the nation.

“Addressing the challenges of our times cannot be the sole responsibility of an individual or a single sector. It is essential that solutions to these issues are shared by everyone, with stakeholders taking ownership of both challenges and the solutions,” Legarda remarked as she joined virtually at the 1st session of the TOYM Impact Summit in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The Senator acknowledged the significance of focusing on green development across the country, where the environment is ‘healthy and conducive to living, and innovation is promoted on a larger scale,’ giving Filipinos a chance to become part of a growing society.

She added that the country should concentrate on fundamental elements crucial for the extensive development of the country, which include building resilient communities, advocating for responsible and compassionate humanity, and striving for a regenerative and sustainable future.

“As a public servant, I strive to ensure that everyone has a voice and that needs are addressed. My personal advocacies are more than just mere ideas – they are a reflection of my legislative priorities and the many projects that I have been tirelessly pursuing,” the Senator conveyed.

Legarda also urged her countrymen to keep sight of the current realities and continue to work together to turn challenges into countless opportunities.

“Let us embrace the value of collaboration in achieving excellence in our performances and creating a more equitable and sustainable world,” Legarda expressed.

For her part, the four-term Senator reaffirmed her commitment to fighting for issues that matter most to the people by sharing responsibilities for the problem and collaborating to create solutions, vowing to develop more measures that promote wellness and uplift the lives of Filipinos.

“Today’s event shows our limitless potential if we work together. May this serve as a source of inspiration and motivation in fostering significant collaboration and further improving the well-being of people,” Legarda emphasized.

This year’s TOYM Impact Summit focuses on the theme “Imagine. Inspire. Ignite and serves as a platform for participants and stakeholders to renew friendships, update on passion projects, and ignite collective initiative through developing a project brief that TOYM awardees can work on together as a community within the next six to twelve months. (end)