Legarda calls on bets to clean up election paraphernalia

May 14, 2013

Sen. Loren Legarda, a staunch environmentalist, sought on Tuesday the immediate cleaning of the debris caused by the hard-fought senatorial and local elections last Monday.

This came after she instructed her staff, campaigners and supporters to engage in “Oplan Linis.”

Legarda said all her regional political officers would be responsible for cleaning up and gathering her campaign materials like posters and tarpaulins in every city and municipality across the country.

She said she plans to donate as recyclable the campaign materials gathered.

The chairperson of the Senate foreign relations committee said she also plans to mount an exhibit in the Senate to showcase arts from trash.

“The trash or garbage from the campaign has an effect on the environment. It behooves all candidates to instruct their campaigners and supporters to gather their trash and practice proper waste segregation,” she said.

Legarda is the principal author of the Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 which provides for recycling as well as segregation of garbage at its source, segregated transportation, processing, treatment and proper disposal of solid waste.

She said local government units (LGUs) should also be at the forefront of this massive clean-up drive after the elections.

Source: By Mario B Casayuran