Legarda calls for peaceful elections, proposes advance payment of deputized teachers

May 11, 2013

Reelectionist Sen. Loren Legarda today enjoined every Filipino to ensure that Monday’s mid-term elections are clean, orderly and peaceful as she also called for the adequate protection of deputized election officers and personnel, including teachers.

“It is not only the Commission on Elections (Comelec) employees and uniformed personnel who have the duty to ensure a clean, orderly and peaceful election but everybody, from candidates to their supporters to ordinary folk,” Legarda said.

She said it is very important that the integrity of Monday’s elections is guaranteed to prevent trouble and violence and instability for the country.

“All of us have the obligation to protect the sanctity of the ballot and to make sure that the voting and counting are devoid of controversies or questions,” she said.

Legarda urged candidates, particularly those running for local office, to rein in their supporters and not add fire to any volatile situation in their areas.

Legarda said deputized Comelec personnel like teachers should be adequately protected and should even be paid in advance.

“We are aware of the dangers that these dedicated teachers are facing as deputized election personnel, thus they should be sufficiently shielded from harm,” she pointed out.

It was learned that teachers and personnel who serve in the elections will receive P4,000, with P3,000 representing their honoraria, P500 for testing and sealing of machines, and 500 for transportation allowance.

“Come elections day, our nation’s history will be turning another page,” she said. “As we always say to every voter: ‘Vote wisely’ and just wish for the best,” she concluded.