Legarda brings Starlink to Ilocos Norte, underscores importance of digital connectivity

January 5, 2024

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda emphasized the importance of strengthening digital infrastructure and its crucial role in creating endless opportunities for Filipinos amidst technological advancements across the country as more installation of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) through Starlink units were launched in the province of Ilocos Norte through the senator’s efforts.

“In this digital age, access to the Internet should be treated not just a privilege but a basic right to equip every Filipino with the right tools and knowledge, as well as to prepare them for the countless opportunities that these advancements can offer,” Legarda said.

“This is our crucial weapon amidst technological advancements nowadays, where we work together to speed up developments in all aspects of our society, to boost Filipino access to vital public services, and to bring Filipinos closer together whether here or abroad,” she continued.

As a staunch advocate of digital connectivity and inclusivity, Legarda has consistently underscored Internet connection as a necessity among Filipinos in this digital age to ensure access to information flow and all areas of commerce, trade, culture, health, and education developments.

Paoay East Elementary School and Sideg Elementary School in the Municipality of Paoay in Ilocos Norte received the free installation of Wi-Fi service.

Sideg Elementary School is considered the smallest school in the province’s second district, where 41 learners, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6, are expected to benefit from the Starlink Internet unit.

Paoay East Elementary School, on the other hand, has 146 learners who will benefit from the internet connectivity.

Before this, Legarda pushed for a 71-million peso Wi-Fi project to help various barangays, considered high-density areas, indigenous communities, and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) in the Province of Antique.

This project is in cooperation with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), which launched the “Broad Band ng Masa” project and activated Wi-Fi in 105 out of 150 target barangays in the province.

Since then, the four-term senator has donated Starlink Internet units in various areas in Antique. It started in Lacaron Integrated School in Sibalom up to Sta. Ana National High School in the Municipality of Pandan.

Since its installation, up to 150 users can connect simultaneously, download speeds have increased to 170.3mbps, and upload speeds have reached 10.8mbps in the project sites identified.

“By giving the students reliable internet access, they are given more opportunities they deserve. These projects, aimed at digital connectivity, enhance studying for the students and teachers and provide quick and real-time access to services and public needs,” Legarda highlighted.

“By investing in digital infrastructure, we are giving Filipinos a better chance not just to improve their lives through technological advancements. This can also be a way for us to engage them effectively, especially the youth, in a crucial step towards nation-building, which we are trying to make happen ever since,” the senator added. (30)