Legarda brings Miss Philippines Earth candidates to Antique

April 21, 2023

In time for the celebration of Earth Day today, Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda warmly welcomes the 2023 Miss Philippines Earth candidates to her beautiful home province of Antique in partnership with Congressman AA Legarda.

Antique is one of the environmental partners for the Miss Philippines Earth 2020Tree, and will serve as a fitting venue for a segment of this year’s pageant with the theme “ME loves 2020TREE”.

“We are excited to have the delegates visit Antique and showcase the beauty and richness of our province, and I am honored to host my fellow eco-warriors in this beloved province that I call home,” said Legarda.

During their two-day visit, the 28 Miss Philippines Earth delegates will explore Antique’s natural and cultural heritage sites and immerse themselves in its rich history, culture, and environment.

The itinerary includes a visit to the Old Capitol Building and Tindahang Lokal, Balay nga Bato, the Bamboo Processing Center, and Brick Making Facility in the University of Antique, Antique Esplanade, the Cotton Processing Center and Patnongon Weaving Center, the Bugasong Weaving Center, Calawag Mountain Resort, Malumpati Cold Spring, and Pandan Beach Resort.

“This is an excellent opportunity for them to witness Antique’s rich natural and cultural heritage and promote the importance of environmental preservation and protection,” said Legarda.

As the country’s premier beauty pageant with environmental advocacy, Miss Philippines Earth will emphasize the importance of caring for and preserving the environment, specifically the trees surrounding us.

Trees play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, and Miss Philippines Earth seeks to remind everyone of the power and value of trees in our fight against environmental degradation.

“This is a timely reminder of our responsibility to care for and protect our environment. We hope that this initiative of Miss Philippines Earth will inspire our fellow Antiqueños and Filipinos to take action towards environmental conservation,” Legarda added.

Miss Philippines Earth 2023 aims to continue raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices through the pageant’s various activities and advocacies. As such, they hope to positively impact the environment and create a more sustainable future for all.

“Your participation in Miss Philippines-Earth gives a glimmer of hope in bringing positive change to our environment toward creating a resilient nation for a better, healthier, and sustainable future. Embrace your role as champions of sustainability and crusaders for a greener future. Be like the trees that adorn our planet, exuding beauty and supporting our survival,” said Legarda.

The Miss Philippines Earth 2023 pageant is slated for April 29, 2023. (end)