Legarda brings Elon Musk’s Starlink to Antique

May 26, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda took a crucial step towards digital inclusivity for Filipino students by spearheading the installation of Starlink Internet at Lacaron Integrated School in Sibalom, Antique.

This initiative made possible through Legarda’s support, aims to bridge the digital divide and revolutionize internet access in the Philippines, starting with her home province.

Lacaron Integrated School, a vital educational institution serving students from Sibalom and Belison municipalities, faced challenges due to its remote location in a hilly and upland area.

Recognizing the importance of reliable internet connectivity for students, Legarda acted swiftly to address this issue.

The senator’s support enabled the successful installation of Starlink Internet, a cutting-edge technology provider that offers fast and accessible internet connectivity.

Before the installation, the school had been experiencing slow internet speeds, limiting the ability to stream videos or support multiple devices. However, after the installation, substantial improvements were observed.

Up to 150 users can now connect simultaneously, download speeds increased to 170.3mbps, and upload speeds reached 10.8mbps. This significant enhancement enables students and teachers to use seamless video conferencing and stream high-quality videos.

The installation process at Lacaron Integrated School took approximately 4 to 5 hours, resulting in two designated access points: one for teachers and faculty and another for students.

DepEd Superintendent in Antique, Nicasio Frio, highlighted the significance of this project, saying that the installation of Starlink Internet will bridge the connectivity gap, allowing more schools to participate in online meetings and seminars, ultimately improving educational opportunities for the students.

“I am committed to ensuring that every Filipino student has access to quality education, regardless of location. The installation of Starlink Internet at Lacaron Integrated School is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering our students,” said Legarda.

This initiative goes beyond Lacaron Integrated School. Four other schools in Sibalom—Tula-tula Integrated School, Cabladan (Sitio Apong ES), Egaña High School, and Egaña Elementary School—will also be considered for Starlink Internet installation. Other Deped schools in Antique and Panay will be surveyed for possible starlink access, through Legarda’s efforts. She is grateful to the efficient Starlink team for their quick, decisive action.