Legarda asserts responsible PR practices

September 20, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda today stressed responsible public relations practice in maintaining a healthy democracy.

Legarda, a multi-awarded and respected journalist before being elected as Senator at 38 years old in her first term, told participants of the 30th National Public Relations Congress in Makati their crucial role in keeping the populace well-informed.

“In a democratic country like the Philippines, the government is held accountable by the public for its actions and policies,” said Legarda.

“This is where public relations play a crucial role, making sure that government actions and policies are communicated clearly and accurately to the public,” the lawmaker added.

“Through this effective communication and accountability, trust is built, credibility is strengthened, public support is maintained, and the democratic process thrives.”

Legarda noted that in a time of rapidly evolving communication, fake news and propaganda often proliferate the internet, which distorts the integrity of public discourse.

With the development of communications technology, the critical aspect of public relations is given the formidable task of keeping the public trust.

According to Legarda, responsible and correct practice through social media is now a significant factor in policy implementation, as many of the government’s pronouncements are easily influenced by public discourse online.

“As public relations professionals, you are at the forefront of conveying critical information, maintaining social cohesion in times of crisis, and can be active partners of the government in promoting efforts to advance policies on social welfare, economic development, and even environmental sustainability,” asserted Legarda.

The solon also commended the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) for its steadfast commitment to paving the way for the promotion of informed decision-making among the Filipino people.

She underscored that this year’s Public Relations Congress has provided a valuable platform in reaffirming the industry’s commitment to effecting and accurate information, which plays a crucial role in nation-building.

“May you continue to be at the forefront of managing ethical communication strategies while promoting accurate information, ensuring that the community is properly informed, and empowering people to make educated decisions.”

In her decades-long tenure in public service, the four-term senator proudly shared that she has been closely following an ever-changing world shaped by technological advancements.

“My years in public service have taught me the principles of transparency, accountability, and effective communication as fundamentals in fostering trust, promoting good governance, and driving positive change in our communities.” (end)