Legarda asserts importance of protecting water supply

October 16, 2023

In commemoration of this year’s World Food Day, Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda underscored the important role of water in sustaining life on earth.

“We live in the constant threat of water security — an increasing population count, urbanization, and climate change affect our potable water supply — and without access to it, our food will be affected as well,” said Legarda, who is internationally regarded for her advocacies on the environment and natural resources.

“That is why we need to mitigate water spoilage by keeping our bodies of fresh water clean; clean rivers and lakes lead to a healthier ecosystem that, in turn, will provide more sustenance to even the average Filipino,” she added.

Legarda has continued to push for community and state initiatives to help minimize the risk of the country’s water resources from running dry.

The four-term senator has floated suggestions such as reusing wastewater for irrigation, rehabilitation of watersheds through reforestation, and the protection of remaining mangrove soils.

She also urges people at home to be more prudent in water usage and, if possible, rectify sanitation issues that might spoil water supplies.

Legarda recently filed Senate Bill No. 1993, otherwise known as the proposed Blue Economy Act.

During her sponsorship speech, Legarda advocated for the bill’s passage, saying that a maritime nation such as the Philippines must have a law protecting coastal and maritime resources.

“The Blue Economy, simply put, embodies the sustainable utilization of oceanic resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and the health of our ocean ecosystems. It embodies our commitment to conserve, protect, and prosper in harmony with our marine environments.”

Among those that the law will address include environmental-economic accounting, ecosystem services, marine spatial planning, industry development, and investment plans. (end)