Legarda: 2018 Budget Funds Unpaid Pension for Surviving Spouses of WWII Veterans

January 25, 2018

Senator Loren Legarda today said that surviving spouses of World War II veterans will receive their remaining unpaid pension from the government this year.

“I am happy to announce that this year, living spouses of deceased World War II veterans should be able to receive full payment of pension arrears due them,” said Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance.

Under the 2018 national budget, the amount of Php1.647 Billion has been allocated for the full payment of total administrative disability (TAD) arrears for the living spouses of deceased veterans who served during World War II.

“Our war veterans have served our country well and their spouses also suffered during the war. We can never repay the immeasurable services our war veterans have provided for our country, thus, it is a must that we prioritize the payment of pension and other benefits due them and their families. It is one way of showing our gratitude for their contribution to our country’s liberty,” Legarda stressed.

“With the full payment of our government’s arrears to the surviving spouses of our veterans, we hopefully bring the issue to a close in order to focus our attention towards according the proper respect and recognition to the heroic acts of our veterans that had ultimately changed the course of history of our nation,” Legarda concluded.