Landslide Win Seen for Inday Loren in Antique

December 15, 2018

With the recent survey out, a landslide win is likely for Inday Loren Legarda, who is running as Representative of the Lone District of Antique.

The recent survey conducted by Random Access Consultants, Inc. (RACI) from December 2-5, 2018 showed that Legarda continues to widen her lead against former Governor Exequiel Javier and three other candidates for Congressman of Antique.

Legarda got 74.5% voter preference versus Javier’s 22.7%. Compared to the last survey (September 15-19, 2018), Legarda’s percentage of votes increased by 2.8% while Javier’s percentage of votes decreased by 2.0%.

“I am humbled by the continuous show of support of my kasimanwas. It only means that they are benefitting from the programs we are providing them. I only want the best for Antique and that is what I am giving and will continue to offer,” said Legarda.

“Our enemy is poverty and I am doing everything I can to lift every Antiqueño out of poverty and to lead our province towards inclusive and sustainable progress,” Legarda concluded.