Kultura ng Pamumuna at Pagtutol in 7th Episode of Buhay na Buhay

April 6, 2018

Senator Loren Legarda invites everyone to watch the seventh episode of Buhay na Buhay, featuringKultura ng Pamumuna at Pagtutol (Culture of Social Criticism, Concern, Protest), on Saturday, April 7, 5:45pm, on GMA News TV.

“This episode looks at how art has become an instrument to raise awareness on current social issues, a force for social liberation, the advocacy of social justice, and in the struggle for human rights,” said Legarda.

Some artists known for their social commentary are Danilo Dalena, Antipas Delotavo, Edgar Talusan Fernandez, Renato Habulan, Nunelucio Alvarado, Elmer Borlongan, Jose Tence Ruiz, and Manny Garibay; while famous films classified under this culture include “Sister Stella L” and “Batch 81” of Mike de Leon, “Sakada” of Behn Cervantes, “Manila by Night” by Ishmael Bernal, and the more recent films of Brillante Mendoza such as “Ma Rosa”.

The episode also features musicians such as Joey Ayala, Inang Laya and Lolita Carbon who are known for their music that touches on social issues, as well as members of indigenous peoples groups who have become the voices of their communities.

Buhay na Buhay, produced by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), is an engaging and informative series that introduces the eight living cultures of the Philippines.

Legarda, the program host, presents the groundbreaking study of Professor Felipe De Leon Jr., former NCCA Chairperson, in this eight-part weekly series written by Floy Quintos and directed by Jeypi Salonga of Business Unusual Media Solutions (BUMS) Inc.

“The Philippines is a culturally diverse country. We continue to unravel artifacts and ways of life of our forefathers, and we have been constantly learning about our rich heritage, culture, and the arts. We are always in pursuit of deepening our understanding of the very soul and identity of being a Filipino. Through this series, we will also experience and witness how our culture continues to bebuhay na buhay,” said Legarda.

Buhay na Buhay is a product of academic and scholarly work presented in an engaging manner through an interesting narration and video documentation. It is presented in the Filipino language so that more Filipinos would better grasp the different facets of our culture.

Buhay na Buhay airs every Saturday, 5:45 p.m., on GMA News TV.