Inday Loren Wins Again! Municipal Court Dismisses Petition for Exclusion vs Legarda

February 6, 2019

After the favorable Election Registration Board (ERB) decision last year, Senator “Inday Loren” Legarda wins again as the Municipal Circuit Trial Court (MCTC) of Pandan-Libertad-Caluya in Antique has dismissed today the Petition for Exclusion filed against her.

Legarda is now permanently included in the list of registered voters in Precinct No. 0055-B, Barangay Mag-aba, Pandan, Antique.

The petitioner, Franklin Siy, Jr., filed the Petition on 25 January 2019, but formally withdrew the same during the hearing on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

“After a careful query, the Court finds that Franklin Siy’s voluntary withdrawal from this case is genuine. Wherefore, premises considered, this instant petition is rendered moot as there is no more controversy existing for the Court’s consideration,” read the decision signed by Presiding Judge Maria Theresa P. Aldon.

Legarda welcomed the development, “I humbly and warmly welcome the Court’s dismissal order of the petition for exclusion against me. I have been optimistic that this will be favorable to me because I have already proven my residency in Barangay Mag-aba before the Election Registration Board.”

“I hope we can all just focus on working for our kasimanwas. Let us focus on presenting our platforms and educating the people on important issues that need to be addressed in our province. Let us focus on uplifting the lives of all Antiqueños and making our province truly progressive,” Legarda concluded.