Inday Loren, Top Choice of Antiqueños for Congress

October 16, 2018

Senator Loren Legarda is the choice of seven out of ten Antiqueños to be their representative in Congress.

In a survey conducted by Random Access Consultants, Inc. (RACI) from September 15-19, 2018, 71.7 percent of Antiqueños want Legarda to be the Representative of the Lone District of the Province of Antique. Only 24.7 percent chose former Governor Exequiel Javier.

This is higher than the previous survey conducted from August 6-10, 2018, showing Legarda with 64.7 percent voter preference versus Javier’s 26.7 percent.

“I am humbled and inspired by my fellow Antiqueños’ trust in me. I would really like to continue helping my beautiful province, the home of my forebears,” said Legarda.

The three-term Senator traces her roots to Antique. Her maternal grandmother, Carmen Gella Bautista, is from Pandan, Antique. Her great grandfather, Ariston Gella, was the first pharmacist of Antique province and a member of the Malolos Congress that crafted the first Philippine Constitution. Her great granduncle, Vicente Gella, was a Governor of Antique.

Inday Loren, as she is called by her kasimanwa, has been giving support to the province through various social and economic services, particularly on health, education and livelihood.

“For so long, Antique has been poor. That is why in the past years, I have poured in more projects to elevate the standard of living of Antiqueños. We have provided help to the poorest populations by giving them free access to health care, education, and skills trainings, as well as giving more opportunities for employment and livelihood. I am glad that my kasimanwa appreciate my efforts and there has been a clamor for me to represent them in Congress,” said Legarda.

“Antique is a beautiful, rich and pristine province. I want to make sure that the people of my province are not left out and that the programs of government are actually benefitting the people,” Legarda concluded.