‘Former Mayor Alfredo Lim was a man of action’ – Legarda

August 10, 2020

Former Senator, now Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman, Loren Legarda expressed her deepest sympathies and condolences to the bereaved family of former Senator and former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, who passed away last August 8 at age 90.

“Manong Fred was a dear friend whom I got to know better when we campaigned together in 2004. I was running for Vice President, while he ran for the Senate. It was a tough and grueling campaign, but Manong Fred’s amiable presence was a welcome breather, especially when he and I would go together and visit select localities around the country,” said Legarda, now Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“I never got to work with Manong Fred in the Senate but I knew that his passion for public service never waned, even when he expressed frustration about how slow the legislative process worked. Whether as a presidential aspirant, as Senator or as Mayor, he always stood for very important causes with great conviction such as public order and safety, anti-corruption and good governance. He was a go-getter, an action man, which was why his decision to cut short his Senate term came as no surprise so he could better serve the city and the people of Manila,” Legarda added.

Legarda also recounted the former Mayor’s support for her crusade for environment protection, saying: “Mayor Lim readily extended support for Luntiang Pilipinas which was then my environmental advocacy group. During his incumbency as Mayor, we undertook several activities to raise environmental awareness and to encourage the residents of Manila to strictly follow environment-related laws and regulations.”

“His passing is a great loss to the nation. I once again offer my condolences to the family, friends, and supporters of Manong Fred. He will always be remembered, specially by the people of the City of Manila who had been blessed to have a tough and fearless leader in Manong Fred,” Legarda added.***