Fellow candidates back Loren, condemn demolition job

May 5, 2013

Senatoriables from the opposing United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and other candidates have condemned the demolition job against Team PNoy and Nationalist People’s Coalition reelectionist Sen. Loren Legarda by a fellow candidate in the administration coalition, saying such action should be censured.

“I am saddened to hear that a fellow candidate of Senator Legarda in Team PNoy was the one pulling her down,” UNA senatorial candidate Nancy Binay said.

She said instead of helping fellow candidates in the coalition, the subject candidate is pulling Legarda down.

“We are helping each other to improve our chances. In the last three months of campaigning together, we are becoming closer to each other and we are already like sisters and brothers and one family. Our relations as friends and as UNA candidates is becoming more strong as the elections near,” Binay said.

UNA senatorial candidate Richard Gordon said, “I sympathize with Loren. Somebody wants to be number one ahead of her and, is that the kind of people you want to be elected in the Senate?”

Former Ambassador Roy Seneres of the OFW Family party list shared the sentiments expressed by the UNA candidates, saying the allegation is false.

“The allegation of money laundering is on its face a false accusation obviously coming from a fool’s fertile imagination. Owing to the United States’ tight national security measures, laundering money in the US is now next to impossible,” Seneres said.

“I urge the Filipino electorate to give Legarda a resounding vote of confidence on May 13 to shame her detractors,” he added.

UNA secretary general and campaign general Toby Tiangco said the leadership of the NPC did not like the way Legarda is being treated in Team PNoy.

“It is saddening that Loren’s fellow LP candidate is the one initiating the black propaganda against her. Behind the ‘daang matuwid’ (straight path) is a mix of personalities who put ambitions over principles,” Tiangco said.