El Nido in 5th Episode of Protected Areas Series

January 4, 2018

On the fifth week of the docu-series Our Fragile Earth: Protected Areas of the Philippines, Senator Loren Legarda invites everyone to watch the episode on the El Nido Managed Resource Protected Area.

“El Nido has been described by tourists as a rustic, romantic and pristine area. Tourism has changed the economic landscape of this paradise. It has become a secret hideaway for many scuba divers. And as more visitors check it off their list of must-see places, the need to implement greater environmental protection has become more crucial,” Legarda said.

Through this episode on the El Nido Managed Resource Protected Area, Legarda hopes to encourage people to protect and conserve the area’s rich biodiversity.

The protected areas documentary series was narrated and conceptualized by Legarda, directed by Brillante Mendoza and produced by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

“This series aims to educate citizens on our protected areas, which are critical in conserving our biodiversity that is essential to our existence and survival. Through this documentary series, Filipinos will learn more about our protected areas—the richness of these areas and the challenges in conservation. We want Filipinos to appreciate the unique natural heritage that we have and enjoin everyone to protect them,” said Legarda.

Protected areas are identified portions of land and water set aside by reasons of their unique physical and biological significance, managed to enhance biological diversity and protected against destructive human exploitation. There are 240 identified protected areas in the country.

Our Fragile Earth: Protected Areas of the Philippines airs every Saturday7:45 a.m., on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), with replays every Sunday1:45 p.m.