Disaster risk reduction in Journalism curriculum sought

December 9, 2014

SENATOR Loren Legarda urged the government Tuesday to consider including disaster risk reduction (DRR) reporting in Journalism education curriculum.

Legarda said the inclusion of the course description in the curriculum of Journalism students, who will become future journalists, would allow them to assimilate every detail about climate change phenomenon.

“DRR and CCA (climate change adaptation) are issues that every journalist must understand. The responsibility of a journalist to deliver timely and relevant information to the public does not happen only when there is an incoming typhoon, storm surge, flood or volcanic eruption,” Legarda said.

“To be able to effect positive action, a journalist must create awareness by understanding the issue. To be an effective communicator, the journalist must have a full grasp of a phenomenon’s cause and effect,” she added.

Legarda said the media has the duty to create awareness and disseminate information about natural hazards and risk reduction management.

Through the proposed subject matter, she said aspiring media practitioners could effectively encourage the public to coordinate and engage themselves in mitigating the climate crisis.

“The media is a powerful force that can promote a change in mindset from one that is reactive to one that is proactive,” said Legarda.

Source: Sunstar