Co-sponsorship Speech An Act Declaring The Chinese New Year A Special Nonworking Public Holiday In The Philippines

December 18, 2012

Mr. President,
For centuries, Filipino and Chinese communities have had extensive ties that date back to the time of Jose Rizal and General Vicente Lim. While our relationship then was primarily built on trade and commerce, it has gradually evolved so as to encompass the economic, and socio-cultural history of the Philippines.
At present, the ethnic Chinese and the Filipinos with Chinese ancestry, which make up about 23.3% of our country’s total population, have continuously played a crucial role in our pursuit of economic growth and sustainable development.
It is on this note that I express support in the passage of this bill, which I wish to co-sponsor today, Senate Bill 3289, or An Act Declaring the Chinese New Year A Special Nonworking Public Holiday In the Philippines.
Under this proposed measure, we aim to recognize the immense contribution of Chinese-Filipinos in the Philippines and further strengthen the ties that bind our two nations.
It is with great fervor that I push for the passage of this bill and hope that the relationship between China and the Philippines continue to flourish.
Thank you very much.