‘Baybayin’ as nat’l writing system pushed

November 4, 2014

MANILA — Sen. Loren Legarda is proposing to make Baybayin the country’s national writing system.

“Baybayin is an ancient Philippine system of writing composed of a set of 17 cursive characters or letters that represent either a single consonant or vowel or a complete syllable,” Legarda said in filing Senate Bill 2440.

The Philippine writing system was developed in the 16th century, said the lawmaker from Antique.

Under the bill, local food manufacturers are required to print container labels in Baybayin.

The print media, including newspapers and magazines, must also include a Baybayin translation of their official publication names, said the bill.

Legarda said the government must protect and preserve the written language because “there is a shortage of proof of the existence of Baybayin scripts.”

Senate Bill 2440 requires the National Commission for Culture and the Arts to hold an information drive to instill awareness on Baybayin.

It shall also conduct staff trainings for the proper handling of Baybayin, said the bill.

“To give us a glimpse of the legacies of the past that remain to shape the present and the future of our country, passage of this bill is earnestly sought,” said Legarda, an advocate of indigenous arts and culture.

Source: Panay News