6th Episode of Buhay na Buhay on Kultura ng Pag-aaliw

March 22, 2018

Senator Loren Legarda invites everyone to watch the sixth episode of Buhay na Buhay, featuring Kultura ng Pag-aaliw (Culture of Entertainment or Sensations), on Saturday, March 24, 5:45pm, on GMA News TV.

“This episode is about popular or pop culture and is probably the episode that most viewers could relate to. As Professor Jun de Leon describes it, this is the culture of fun, sheer physical energy and sensory excitements. It is about popular entertainers, movie stars, sports heroes, popular icons in all fields,” said Legarda.

This episode looks into the songs, dances, popular celebrities, and terminologies that reflect the natural creativity, wit or humor of Filipinos.

“While the culture of entertainment may be described as Westernized or less indigenized, we are able to inject our unique ideas to make our own Filipino pop culture. It is an expression of who we are, our culture and our society at present,” Legarda explained.

Buhay na Buhay, produced by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), is an engaging and informative series that introduces the eight living cultures of the Philippines.

Legarda, the program host, presents the groundbreaking study of Professor Felipe De Leon Jr., former NCCA Chairperson, in this eight-part weekly series written by Floy Quintos and directed by Jeypi Salonga of Business Unusual Media Solutions (BUMS) Inc.

“The Philippines is a culturally diverse country. We continue to unravel artifacts and ways of life of our forefathers, and we have been constantly learning about our rich heritage, culture, and the arts. We are always in pursuit of deepening our understanding of the very soul and identity of being a Filipino. Through this series, we will also experience and witness how our culture continues to be buhay na buhay,” said Legarda.

Buhay na Buhay is a product of academic and scholarly work presented in an engaging manner through an interesting narration and video documentation. It is presented in the Filipino language so that more Filipinos would better grasp the different facets of our culture.

Buhay na Buhay airs every Saturday, 5:45 p.m., on GMA News TV.