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Growing Your Own Food Part 2 in 5th Episode of “Stories for a Better Normal” Series

June 17, 2020

For the fifth episode of “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” as part two of the topic on “Growing Your Own Food”, House Deputy Speaker and Antique Representative Loren Legarda will gather experts and home gardeners to exchange stories, approaches and practical tips on building home and community food gardens, which help in building climate resilience and ensuring food security.
The fifth episode will be shown live on Thursday, 18 June 2020, 10 AM, via Facebook at […]


Legarda: Free Our People from Oppression of Immobility, Outdated Thinking

June 12, 2020

“What we want now is nothing less than the liberation of the 88% of Metro Manila households who, because they do not have the fortune of owning cars, remain imprisoned by the lack of inclusive sustainable mobility options. And as long as we in government prioritize the minority, which is only 12% of households who own cars, how can we call ourselves free?” said House Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda.


Part 2 of Sustainable Urban Mobility in 4th Episode of “Stories for a Better Normal” Series

June 10, 2020

In the fourth episode of the online discussion series “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” as part two on the topic of sustainable urban mobility, Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda will once again promote biking and other greener modes of transportation as essential means to move commuters and citizens in this period of pandemic and climate crisis.
The fourth episode will air this Thursday, June 11, 10AM, via Facebook Live at or
Mr. Red […]


Legarda welcomes approval of Better Normal Bill on 2nd reading

June 8, 2020

Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, Chairperson of the House New Normal Subcommittee, welcomed the approval on second reading of House Bill No. 6864, also known as the “Better Normal for the Workplace, Communities and Public Spaces Act of 2020,” which seeks to establish safety measures and protocols in place as the country adjusts to the “new normal” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill which was approved a day before the sine die adjournment of Congress, not only defines the universal standards on how the public will live their daily lives at home, in the workplace and in their respective communities while restrictions on movements are still in place.


Legarda Brings Home Stranded Antiqueños

June 7, 2020

The Office of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, in partnership with the Office of Governor Rhodora Cadiao and the Provincial Tourism Office, today launched the Libre Uli Antique ni Inday Loren Legarda kag Gov. Dodod Cadiao.

The Libre Uli Antique program aims to repatriate Antiqueños who are stranded in Luzon, due to the enhanced community quarantine amid COVID-19.


Legarda Highlights Landmark Environmental and Climate Laws, Best Adaptation Practices in “Conversations with the Champion”

June 5, 2020

In celebration of World Environment Day today and the Philippine Environment Month this June, House Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda featured ten landmark laws on environmental protection and climate risk governance, as well as ten exemplary adaptation practices, during the virtual forum “Conversations with the Champion” aired via Facebook Live today.
Legarda shared insights on what the country has done and what needs to be achieved to protect the environment and build resilience to climate risks, while recovering from […]


CCC, Legarda Launch “Conversations with the Champion”

June 3, 2020

The Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the Office of Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda will host a virtual forum, “Conversations with the Champion,” which will discuss what the Philippines has accomplished thus far and what remains to be done to protect the environment and build resilience to climate change, as we seek to recover from the pandemic in a more sustainable manner.
The online forum, which will be livestreamed via Facebook Live on Friday, June 5, 10:00 am, is […]


Legarda: Embrace Culture, Embrace Identity

June 2, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Antique Lone District Representative Loren Legarda today filed House Bill No. 6891, also known as An Act Strengthening the Conservation and Protection of National Cultural Heritage through Enhanced Cultural Heritage Education Program and Cultural Mapping.
This bill aims to amend RA 10066 or the National Cultural Heritage Act, thus mandating all local government units (LGUs) to conduct a cultural mapping of their areas for tangible, intangible and natural heritage.
According to UNESCO, cultural mapping, or heritage mapping, is the […]


Legarda to Embed Sustainable Urban Mobility in Better Normal Bill

May 29, 2020

In the Sustainable Urban Mobility episode of the “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Pathways” series, House Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda discussed with bike advocates and cyclists how biking is helping frontliners move during this community quarantine and how cities and provinces can support biking for a healthier and better normal for commuters and the transport sector.
Mr. Red Constantino, Executive Director of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, co-anchored the show with Legarda. Resource […]


Sponsorship Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda On the Better Normal Bill (House Bill No. House Bill No. 6864)

May 28, 2020

Mr. Speaker,
The raging COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the sobering reality that the world is not as advanced, prosperous and as resilient as we thought it to be. We have realized that our societies and economic systems are fragile, and that we are only as strong as our most vulnerable.
The only way forward is to heed science and make decisive actions toward staging a recovery that will pave the way for a better normal for the Filipino people.
The choices we […]