Educating for the Future We Want: Greening Learning Environments in the Philippines SEAMEO INNOTECH’s 13th International Conference

December 13, 2012

SEAMEO INNOTECH’s 13th International Conference EDSA Shangri-La Hotel;I laud SEAMEO INNOTECH for this initiative of focusing on a “Green Southeast Asia” during this 13th International Conference. Furthermore, your thrust of facilitating “teaching and learning through innovative and technology-based research and training solutions in order to fully develop the potentials of the peoples of Southeast Asia” is already an immense contribution towards the environmental solutions for our region.

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Privilege Speech: To Make A Difference

December 12, 2012

As we face anew the difficult task of recovering and rebuilding from the devastation caused by Typhoon Pablo in Mindanao, we ought to revisit the lessons of the past and relearn the lessons we seem to never learn.

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League of Municipalities of the Philippines

December 5, 2012

A 4-degree Celsius world may have seemed impossible twenty years ago, but today, the World Bank warns that we are in fact nearing a crisis that if not responded to proactively, will continue to endanger the survival of this and the next generation.

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