Legarda Calls For Greater Protection Of World’s Oceans

June 7, 2016

In celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, Senator Loren Legarda called on the international community to act in a concerted manner to halt and reverse the damage to the world’s marine habitat brought by human activity.

“We have relied so much on the oceans for our existence – for food, for employment, for energy and for recreation. However, rapid population growth along with unsustainable marine practices such as overfishing, waste dumping, oil spills, among others, have seriously damaged marine habitats and life in the sea over the years,” Legarda stressed.

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Senator hits proliferation of coal power plants

June 5, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The government should tap cleaner and less wasteful sources of energy and stop allowing more coal-fired power plants in the country, Sen. Loren Legarda said Friday.

As chair of the Senate committee on climate change, Legarda lauded the Aquino administration’s order for government agencies to review the Philippines’ energy policy, which may see the country moving away from generating electricity through coal.

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PHL Pavilion at Architecture Venice Biennale now open at Palazzo Mora

June 1, 2016

The architecture of Metro Manila is alive at the Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy as “Muhon: Traces of an Adolescent City” successfully held its vernissage on May 27, led by Senator Loren Legarda.

Senator Legarda spearheaded the efforts to secure a spot for the country at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale.

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