Welcome Message: Reception Dinner for the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund

February 15, 2017

Welcome Message of Senator Loren Legarda
Reception Dinner for the
Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund
15 February 2017 | National Museum of Anthropology, Manila


(Standard Greetings)


Foremost, we warmly welcome to the Philippines, Green Climate Fund Executive Director Howard Bamsey and Chief Financial Officer Javier Manzanares, and their team.


The Philippines has been an active participant in the climate negotiations and was immensely involved in the crafting of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. We led the call for the 1.5°C limit on behalf of more than 40 developing countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).


The Philippines signed the Paris Agreement on April 22, 2016. We renew our support and commitment to the Agreement as we work towards ratification, knowing that the world is watching us, a country among those most vulnerable to climate change impacts.


We are already taking concrete steps to address our vulnerability, adapt to the impacts of extreme weather events, and gradually transition to a low-carbon economy.


In the national government’s budget for this year, about 210 billion pesos (or US$4.2 billion) of the 3.350 trillion pesos total budget are allocated for climate-resilient programs. It is still a small percentage but it is a most welcome development.


In our own efforts, as well as through international support, we are shifting to clean energy. We are doing this gradually because as a developing nation, we aim to strike a delicate balance between meeting our energy demands and sustainability.


That is why we seek climate justice for our people and for other victims of extreme weather events who are at the receiving end of the global climate crisis.  Justice, to a certain extent, will be served, once we all take significant climate action.


This is why the Green Climate Fund is important for us. We need the financial and technical support of countries, especially of developed nations who have the historical responsibility for climate change. Commitments must be kept and action must be taken now.


Procrastination has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It is time to bring the era of inaction to a close. We are firm in our resolve to deliver on our promise to save this planet for future generations.


Thank you and good evening.***